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Plastic bottle granulator problems troubleshooting, you know how much

1. The screw runs normally, but does not discharge material
Causes: hopper feeding is not continuous; feed port is blocked by foreign objects or produce "bridge"; screw groove into the metal hard objects blocking the screw groove, not normal feeding.
Treatment: increase the feeding volume to make the screw feeding continuous and stable; stop the machine to eliminate the foreign matter in the material mouth to eliminate the "bridge" phenomenon; if there is confirmed metal foreign matter fall into the screw groove, should immediately stop the machine to disassemble the screw to eliminate the metal foreign matter.

2. The main machine does not rotate or stop instantly
Cause: the main motor power supply is not connected; heating heating time is not enough, or one of the heaters does not work, thus causing excessive torque makes the motor overload.
Treatment: check whether the host circuit is connected, turn on the power; check the temperature display of each section, confirm the preheating temperature rise time, check whether the heaters have been damaged or have poor contact, and eliminate.

3. Ventilation hole material
Causes: raw materials are not clean enough with impurities; feed speed is too fast to make the screw extrusion instability; plasticization temperature is not enough screw extrusion into the problem.
Solution: Clean the raw material before feeding or replace the filter; reduce the feeding volume to make the plasticizing screw extrude smoothly; increase the plasticizing temperature (the temperature should not be too high to prevent burning the plastic and affecting the production quality).

4. The main motor rotation, but the screw does not turn
Causes: The V-belt is loose, worn and slipping, or the safety key is loose and disconnected.
Solution: Adjust the center distance of the V-belt, tighten the belt, or replace it with a new V-belt; check the safety key, analyze the cause of the breakage, and replace it.

Post time: Feb-17-2023