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Energy-saving features of plastic pelletizing machine

Energy saving on plastic pelletizing machine can be divided into two parts: one is the power part, one is the heating part.

Power part of the energy saving: most of the use of inverters, energy saving by saving the remaining energy consumption of the motor, for example, the actual power of the motor is 50Hz, and you actually only need 30Hz in production is enough to produce those excess energy consumption is wasted, the inverter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Heating part of energy saving: heating part of energy saving is mostly used electromagnetic heater energy saving, energy saving rate is about 30%-70% of the old resistance circle.

1. Compared with resistance heating, induction heaters have an extra layer of insulation, and the utilization rate of heat energy increases.

2. Compared with resistance heating, electromagnetic heaters act directly on the material tube heating, reducing the heat transfer heat loss.

3. Compared with resistance heating, the heating speed of electromagnetic heater is more than a quarter faster, reducing the heating time.

4. Compared with resistance heating, electromagnetic heater heating speed, production efficiency is increased, so that the motor in a saturated state, so that it reduces, high power low demand caused by the loss of electrical energy.

The above four points are the electromagnetic heater, why can be in the plastic pelletizing machine energy saving up to 30%-70% of the reason.

1. beautiful and elegant appearance of plastic recycling granulator, color matching and painting according to customer requirements.
2. Making full use of high pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoiding continuous heating, saving electricity and energy.
3. automatic from raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to making pellets.
4. Adopting split automatic power distribution system to ensure safe and normal operation of the motor.
5. The screw barrel is made of imported high strength and high quality carbon structural steel, which is durable.

Post time: Feb-17-2023