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Granulating machine for ps recycled scrap Extruding ldpe pelletizer line

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There are many types of crushers for plastic products, including shear crushers suitable for crushing various types of plastic products, impact crushers and compression crushers suitable for crushing brittle plastic products. The widely used shear crusher is composed of base, crushing chamber, feeding hopper, sieve plate, transmission mechanism, rotary knife and fixed knife.

The working mode of the shear plastic crusher is very simple: the shear knife is composed of a rotating blade and a fixed blade, and the rotating knife is driven by an electric motor; The waste plastic to be broken is sent to the crushing chamber from the feeding hopper, and is cut when passing through the high-speed rotating cutter, and then flows out of the machine through the perforated sieve plate.

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Place of Origin: Ningbo
Brand Name: TP
Condition: New
Material: PP
Spare Parts Type: Machiine spares
Warranty: 1 Year
Key Selling Points: Competitive Price

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Retail
Showroom Location: Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Algeria
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Video technical support, Field maintenance and repair service, Online support
Local Service Location: Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts
Product name: Screen Changer Die Head


(1) The granulator should be in positive operation; Avoid reversing.
(2) The pelletizer is forbidden to operate without load, and must be operated with hot machine feeding, so as to avoid the phenomenon of stick bar (holding shaft).
(3) It is strictly forbidden to enter iron and other sundries in the feed inlet and vent hole of the granulator. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents and affect the safety and normal production.

How to improve the output of granulator

1. The angle of the granulator can be adjusted. The appropriate angle can reduce the thickness of the material, thus realizing the screening of ultra-thin layers. It should be noted that when the feed speed is too high, it will cause material accumulation, which will not only reduce the screening efficiency, but also may cause damage to the screen.
2. Increase the power of granulator motor. The motor provides support for the screening work and is the main force of the complete screening work. Proper adjustment of the motor power can also improve the output of the granulator.
3. Adjust the number of granulator grids. There must be more than these reasons that affect the productivity of the granulator. Relatively speaking, these methods are more practical and most effective. It is also possible that these methods are not suitable for your company's current situation. You can contact our company's technical personnel. We will develop special solutions based on your problems to reduce unnecessary losses for you.

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